Our People Make the Difference

BORDA Directorate


A small rotating sample featuring members of our 400+ global team

2017 40 Years BORDA
IWA Development Conference
FSM4 Conference
2016 New Urban Agenda
2015 UN Agenda 2030 and SDGs
Opening of BORDA Las Américas office in Mexico City
2012 FSM1 - 1st Faecal Sludge Management Conference in Durban
2011 Opening of BORDA West & Central Asia office in Kabul (now in Amman)
IWA: Development Solutions Award Practice for BORDA
2006 Opening of BORDA Africa office in Maseru (now in Dar es Salaam)
2001 Opening of BORDA South Asia office in Bangalore
2000 Millenium Development Goals
1992 Earth Summit - Agenda 21 in Rio de Janeiro
1988 Southeast Asia - BORDA’s first regional office in Indonesia
1981 1st UN Water Decade
1979 1st international biogas workshop
1977 Our founding 07.07.1977

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