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2 December 2021

WASH’n’soul: World Toilet Day 2021 Event themed ‘Valuing a toilet’

5 March 2021


Together with the german fundraising organisation Viva con Agua and the social business soulbottles, BORDA Zambia is paving the way for new approaches in the WASH-Sector

18 August 2020

DEWATS for Dar

Realising innovative, alternative and appropriate sanitation solutions to improve access to sanitation in non-sewered areas of Dar es Salaam – decentralised wastewater treatment systems and faecal sludge management

7 July 2020

Transitional Aid: Strengthening resilience and ensuring food security in northern Mali

An immediate response aimed at strengthening the local production capacities of vulnerable populations, enabling them to reduce food insecurity, improve household income and better manage land disputes

6 July 2020

Green Communes in Mali: Improving basic sanitation, designing liveable & inclusive cities

The project supports sustainable development by demonstrating a community development process for improved sanitation in urban and semi-urban areas, with innovations in agriculture and clean energy

6 July 2020

The BORDA and Kigamboni Training Centers in Dar es Salaam

To help meet rising demand for sanitation services in Africa’s fast-growing cities, BORDA’s training centers create awareness, provide vocational training and enable knowledge exchange on integrated and decentralised basic needs services

6 July 2020

Food Security in Mali: A World without Hunger

Supporting urban & rural farmer communities in overcoming food losses through an integrated, multi-sectoral approach that transforms degraded, low-yield land into productive farms

26 September 2017

Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Sludge-Go is a successful business connecting pits, tanks and treatment in Tanzanias largest city, Dar es Salaam

26 September 2017

Duckweed Field Trial in Zambia

At the Pestalozzi Education Centre in Lusaka, the BORDA Zambia team tested the duckweed plant for use in biological wastewater treatment modules

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