BORDA Publications

Sharing knowledge is central to our practice

Core principles, key elements, lessons learned, guidelines made practical, technical information laid out—these are available below in our collection of downloadable publications. We’ve also included communication materials and—in the interest of transparency—our most recent annual reports.

If you would like to request any of our technical documents that are not available on this site, please email Alex Wolf at .

Body of Knowledge

Fact sheet – Opportunities for sustainable sanitation in climate action
(2019, 2.7MB PDF at

Conference Report – Key Elements for a New Urban Agenda: Integrated management of urban waters and sanitation
(2016, 7MB PDF)

CSP – City Sanitation Planning
(2016, 1MB PDF)

DEWATS implementation by BORDA
(2018, 4MB PDF)

Prefab DEWATS – Lessons Learnt from Afghanistan, Indonesia and India
(2016, 0.9MB PDF)

DESWAM – Lessons Learnt from Africa and Indonesia
(2016, 7MB PDF)

DEWATS and Sanitation in Developing Countries: A Practical Guide

Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems (DEWATS) and Sanitation in Developing Countries: A Practical Guide (2009)

To request a copy, please email Alex Wolf at 

About Our Work

The Heroes behind Sanitation: An insight into faecal sludge management workers in Zambia
(2020, 14MB PDF)

Faecal Sludge Management (FSM): Inclusive citywide sanitation services
(2019, 6MB PDF)

Faecal Sludge Management: Sanitation for all – a visual insight
(2017, 10MB PDF)

Key Elements of Our Work
(2017, 0.3MB PDF)

BORDA flyer
(2018, 0.5MB PDF)

Annual Reports

BORDA Annual Report 2020 (German)
(2022, 3MB PDF)

BORDA Annual Report 2018-2019
(2020, 6MB PDF)

BORDA Annual Report 2017-2018
(2019, 6MB PDF)

BORDA Annual Report 2016-2017
(2018, 7MB PDF)