Our Vision is Our Mission


Close to people

Enabling feedback loops from mason to minister, local to global.

Tested in real life

We only use what we have successfully tested.

Adapting & innovating

Transcending disciplines, generations & nationalities to meet realities on the ground.

A trusted advisor

No vested interests means we can focus on what really matters.

empowered people → sustainable local structures → liveable cities for all

sustainable local structures

Our aim is to bring about a world where all people are able to make their communities comfortable places to live. Places where they can develop their full potential and actively shape their environment – regardless of income, gender, origin, place of residence, culture and religion.

We work with municipalities and local authorities to enable them to provide their citizens with infrastructure facilities for securing livelihoods in liveable spaces. BORDA’s holistic, sustainable urban and regional planning approaches ensure efficient, reliable and affordable water, sanitation and energy services.

We are an internationally recognized civil society expert organization with the deep experience to act as a thought and innovation leader, and the professionalism to serve as a valued partner of political, public, civil society, scientific and private institutions.

> download PDF “Key elements of our work”

liveable cities for all

Our Practice

Publications: Download BORDA Knowledge

We invite you to browse our collection of publicly available documents—a resource for water and sanitation sector practitioners, researchers and policy-makers, as well as anyone who wants to know more about our work

Film: Safely Managed Sanitation for All – the BORDA Approach

Sustainable development, liveable communities and healthy environments depend on access to clean water and adequate sanitation, safely managed for all—see how BORDA is innovating in the field

Keep up with BORDA

24-25 March 2021
online/ Berlin/ Kratie / Selmam / Vientiene

Polycentric management of urban waters in fast-growing cities and peri-urban areas in Southeast Asia
First International Conference organized within the framework of PolyUrbanWaters Research and Project Network (BMBF 2019-2025)

Our Global Partners

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • UN-Habitat

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